Friday, December 12, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Photos

Wow, can you believe it is already here?!  It seems like last winter just ended, and here we are again approaching Christmas.  

If you're like me, you appreciate having some good holiday family photos.  I like to send a photo as a card or with a card to our family every year, and to have the photos to add to my album as well.  As many of you know, Tyler and I work opposite schedules, so finding time to take photos can be hard.  Those of you who work full time will probably feel me on this.

Since I'm pretty sure most everyone I sent cards out to this year has already gotten theirs, I wanted to share with you our 2014 holiday photos.

This year's Christmas photos only took us maybe 10 minutes.  I grabbed our camera and a tripod, and headed out to a field with some trees near our apartment.  I've always known about the field, but earlier this year ventured further and found a nice area with some cedar trees that looked like the perfect area for our Christmas pictures.  It had snowed the day before, but unfortunately most had melted before we had the chance to take our pictures.

 We just set up the tripod in a couple different locations, took a couple different poses, and one 'couple selfie' and called it good.  It was just before the sun went down, so the lighting was nice as well.  Our outfits consisted of both of us in brown jackets, matching scarves made for us by Tyler's mother, my Christmas-red pants, and off setting the red with Tyler's cream khaki dress pants.

I'm a firm believer that for outdoor Christmas card pictures, brown grass, dead trees, and green cedars are really a must for the card to really feel like the season.  I see so many green grass/hot sun pictures where people are just wearing sweaters in the summer for their Christmas pictures.  I just don't feel it when it just looks like summer, so we waited until the end of November to snap our photos so they would  be 'in-season.'  When you can take good pictures in just a short period of time, there's really no reason for the green grass Christmas photos.

Go ahead, just call me nitpicky.

I'm loving our photos this year.  I love when we take pictures these days, because it seems like the longer we've been together, the fewer pictures we actually take together.  Its a good thing the holidays come around so I'm conscious of taking some good pictures of the two of us.  Last year we took our Christmas pictures indoors by our Christmas tree.  
Do you find that the longer you've been with your significant other, the fewer you take pictures together?  Do you make a point to take a holiday photo together?
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  1. haha-your comment about Christmas card photos requiring dead grass made me laugh! Last year we were freezing taking photos with my whole family for my parents' Christmas card...because with 10 people in the photo it takes a little more than 10 minutes! But the background was suitably dead and barren, as Michigan Novembers are. Angel and I never send out photo Christmas cards, but I think we take plenty of pictures together...though most of them are just random, not nicely posed!

  2. I can imagine that would take a while to line all those people up for a group photo! And in the cold keeping faces happy is even more challenging!

    We used to take a lot of random photos out and about on our adventures, but it seems we forget most of the time anymore, so most of our recent pictures are posed. Hopefully we can get back in the mid-adventure picture taking habit!


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