Thursday, November 20, 2014

Four Years Being Partners in Crime

Four years ago, Tyler and I had a date night.  At his apartment, we strung up Christmas lights, garland, put together a tree and hung decorations before we got swamped with finals and being home for the holidays.  We finished an amateur series we'd been watching together called Dorm Life (a funny, silly, short episode series about a co-ed dorm available free online).  After finishing our show, basking in the Chrismas lights late into the night, then he asked me to be his girlfriend.  In case you were wondering, I obliged.

I can't believe that was four years ago, and now we're happily married.

November 20th is a special day for us, because that's when we became "official."  To celebrate, we've decorated together every November 20th since.  It may be a little early to decorate for Christmas, but I love celebrating our anniversary, being thankful for each other, and enjoying the romantic aspects of the Christmas season all in one.  Who says I can't combine an anniversary and two holidays into one?

And you know why else today is special?  Today is also special because it is my Mother-in-law's birthday!  Happy happy birthday to her, thanks for raising a true gentleman!

We probably won't *actually* decorate tonight, however Friday after both of us are done with work, I have a feeling the celebration will kick in.  I'm so excited for it though!  Its so fun to make the house feel cozy and look at the ornaments we've given each other over the years.

Do you still celebrate any anniversaries other than your wedding anniversary?  
Do you celebrate any anniversaries with specific traditions, or something different each year?

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  1. I love that you guys decorate on the same day every year...that's precious and will be so fun to share the reason with kids one day :)

    Ahh the things we never thought we would say yes to! ;)

  2. Happy anniversary! I believe in celebrating often. You know what? Nov. 20th, 4 years ago, Angel moved to Michigan because we were getting married two weeks later. It was a good time for couples. :P


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