Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If you're a UT fan, don't read this...

...because this post is from a SOONER fan in honor of OU vs. saxeT week!


And the red river rivalry just isn't all that nice during OU/saxeT week.  So if you're prone to being offended, are a saxeT fan, or just don't like football rivalries with heated traditions...you should probably go find another blog post.  Trash talk is really just one of the best parts of the dance that leads up to the most anticipating moment....the game.


So here, I post in honor of some of the best OU traditions with some anti-saxeT flare!

  • Chanting "Boomer - Sooner, Boomer - Sooner, Boomer - Sooner, Texas - Sucks!" at every single game, no matter who the opposing team is.  
  • By the time any Sooner has been a Sooner for very long, no, we do not have to actually think about how to spell the wrong way (as in Texas) to be able to spell it the right way (as in saxeT).

  • One thing I've always wondered...if saxeT is so great, then why do so many of their people go to school at OU?  We must just be a superior school.
  • Trash talk is even better on the Sooner side because we have to listen to Texans parade themselves around all year long about how wonderful (and BIG) their state is.

  • OU/saxeT week Bevo lunch...(where Sooners eat some beef and call it Bevo...UT's mascot).

  • It's okay to buy a piece of longhorn merchandise, because your real purpose is to turn it upside down.

So, dear SOONERS, happy OU/saxeT week!  Enjoy the trash talk, enjoy the state fair, enjoy the watch parties...and best of all, enjoy this being exactly how the cotton bowl will look when the game is over!


Boomer Sooner!
Beat saxeT!

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