Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Red River Rivalry Door Decorations

In honor of OU/Texas week, today I'm showing an easy upside down longhorn decoration for your door!
Or really anywhere where there are Sooners doesn't have to be on the door.

Tyler and I are getting pretty excited about the game...because, well, every Sooner is!  It is the biggest game of the year against our most hated rival, the Texas longhorns.  This is the week where our campus offers a free hamburger lunch so we can 'eat' the UT mascot, Bevo.  This is the week where the phrase "and Texas still sucks" is used after every facebook status, no matter what the topic is about.  This is the week where we are out of school on Friday because OU/Texas weekend is a holiday and professors know most students have already headed to Dallas.  This week is a big deal.

This is our regular football season decoration...a small OU flag on the front porch.  Simple, not too invasive, and gets the point across that we support the Sooners!

But this week is a different week.  This week is OU/Texas week.  
Football season is an entire new dynamic during the week before the Red River Rivalry.
It's a big deal.

So here's my new decoration made JUST for OU/Texas week!

~ Sorry ahead of time for the poor quality images from my phone.  My real camera died on our camping trip. :( ~

I started by drawing a longhorn on a piece of cardboard.

I cut it out and flipped it the right direction.

I painted it that hideous saxeT burnt orange color and let it dry.
(To mix this color yourself, add a little red to yellow until you get normal orange.  Then add a hint of brown.)

I decided to write "Beat saxeT" on the longhorn.  
It is still the right message, but doesn't sound as mean since we have neighbors from Texas.
We wouldn't want to hurt any Texas sized egos.

Sorry for the bad image!  Here we go, up on the door!

It could have worked alright by itself, but since the wreath has orange leaves, I felt it necessary to add some crimson to our door decor.

Again, out of cardboard, I constructed a sign for Boomer Sooner!

Now if only we didn't just get rid of our television service so that we could have a watch party here...oh well, I guess we'll beg friends to let us join them!  (Basic television and internet service should not raise up to over $100 after the discounts that we didn't even know we were getting were up.  Even if we had that kind of money, I don't think anyone should be paying that much for it, but I digress...)



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  2. I like how you Sooners love our Longhorn so much that ya'll even put it on your doors! Hook 'Em! \m/

    1. We love them fine, just as long as they're the right direction and sitting on my hamburger bun. ;)


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