Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Yunnan Provincial Zoo {Travel Tuesday}

Today, I'm taking you on another China throwback to when I went to the Yunnan Provincial Zoo.  I'd have to say this was BY FAR the best zoo experience I've ever had!  The animals were mostly out and active, largely due to the fact that patrons can pay to feed many of them.  

When we started off in the zoo, we were in a children's area that also had animal cubs and animals that are of particular interest to children - like monkeys, bunnies, etc.

These little tiger cubs were so adorable, and were play fighting each other while we were there.  

I LOVED how close we could be to the tiger cubs!

  Just before we left to move on to the next part of the zoo, they cuddled up to take a nap.

We were feeding these bear cubs some carrots.

This raccoon seems really fat!

 I'm not sure what type of animal this was...but something seems wrong with it.  :(

On our way to the next part of the zoo, some people asked us if we wanted to sit on the camel.  I thought I'd get to ride it, but I guess it was just for pictures.  It was still super cool to sit on it, and well worth the ¥10!

Okay, I've gotta say that I didn't realize camels were so BIG before this!  And this wasn't our last adventure with camels that day...

 The zebras are SO pretty!

One of the highlights of my life!  I would get yelled at all over again to pet a zebra again!

A view of Kunming from a hill to the next section of the zoo...so pretty!

This is the crazy camel.  Scroll down for why he's crazy.

My American classmate wanted his picture taken with the camels.  Let's just say that we were actually made to buy insurance in addition to the gate fee at the zoo, and once we got in we realized the insurance was in good reason!

Here's why you need insurance to enter the Yunnan Provincial Zoo:
The camel's face in the middle picture has me rolling in laughter every time! hahaha  And the fact that the grass in it's mouth is flying in the wind....oh goodness! Funniest picture on earth.

Oh, and you know those awkward moments when you know you should be asking someone if they are alright but instead you are laughing your butt off?  Yeah, this was one of those moments.

Now off to find the other zoo animals!
This Emu was not in a cage and was the scariest thing ever...
Just look at its evil glare!


Maybe a once in a lifetime chance to see a live panda?   

"I'm a lazy panda.  I like to eat, and I like to sleep."

Yunnan is probably one of the most beautiful places I've seen!

The tigers were absolutely beautiful. 

Love the white tigers!

One of the coolest (and probably more "inhumane") aspects of this part of the zoo was the "tiger fishing."  Curious what I mean, read about it here.

You can pay ¥10 for a slab of meat, tie it to a bamboo pole with a rope and let the tigers catch the meat.  I wouldn't think this was mean except that I think the tigers in the cages closest to the meat vendor were overfed, and the tigers furthest were underfed.  Not only that, but we saw some of the zoo patrons who would never let the tigers actually catch the meat and were teasing them to the point that they started fighting each other.  Just like with any cat, you should play with them long enough for it to be fun, but eventually let them get the treat.  I thought it was cool to get to play with a tiger, but overall I think the unmonitored and uncontrolled aspect of this idea is mean to the animals.
This tiger is looking at the meat he is about to run and catch.

Loved this guy's face.  They walked around freely, and thought we would feed them.  When they found out you have food, they would chase you down.  

The zookeeper kept telling Sam “不怕他” which means, "Don't be afraid of him." haha

Some of the best parts of the zoo in Yunnan was how much interaction you can have with the animals.  You can feed many of them, and are much closer to the animals that you would be at the zoo here in the U.S.  I can definitely see how many aspects of this zoo aren't exactly "safe", and also how the animals might not be treated as well as they are in American zoos.  With some of the animals living in dangerous circumstances (we saw a monkey chewing on a piece of wood with nails sticking out of it), I really can't agree with that and would only hope for a change for better conditions.  However, the interaction with the animals made this by far my best zoo experience ever!


  1. What a fascinating zoo experience!!! It's a bummer that the animals aren't treated better but I'd still say it was totally a worthwhile experience for you! :-)

    1. It really is a bummer they weren't kept more safe, but you're right, it was a great experience!

  2. I LOVE all your camel photos! They look so fluffy!! Glad I bumped into you through Travel Tuesday! Your zoo adventure looks awesome!


    1. Thanks Elle, the camels were one of my favorite parts! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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