Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stripe the Stadium

This weekend, Tyler and I were fortunate to again be able to attend the SOONER football game!  His dad's company divies out tickets amongst the workers, and we're suspecting that we've been fortunate enough to get tickets for the past two weeks is largely due to the hot weather and late games.  Either way, it's been a lot of fun!

My parents came with us this week, which is their first time to attend an OU game!  We did the whole experience and went tailgating before, and chilled out in a campus building until it was time to head over to the stadium.

Here's Tyler chilling and reading the Oklahoma Daily...our "interesting" campus newspaper.

This week OU played West Virginia University's Mountaineers.

It was also a special game, because fans were asked to "stripe the stadium".  All that meant is that fans in even sections wore red, and fans in odd sections wore white.  We were sitting in an odd section, which was a little harder than normal since most of our OU gear is red.  

My parents at their first OU game!

Tyler and I "striping" with white!  Sorry hubs, I always cut your head off in pictures. 
Maybe you shouldn't be so much taller than me?

Let's just say it was a close game the entire much so that not even a quarter of the crowd had left by the middle of the fourth quarter.  That is unreal, you guys...because normally the majority of people have already left the game by the middle of the fourth.  (Sorry if you're that person, but I feel nothing in my heart but disrespect for people who leave games early without a REALLY GOOD reason).  Especially when good money was paid for that ticket!  

Disclaimer: The only person who I'd rather leave early at a football game is that guy who never shuts up the entire game and obviously just wants attention or the people around him to think he is a football commentator...a REALLY REALLY BAD football commentator.

The final score ended up being 16 to 7 in our favor, but whew!  It was close, and often times scary!
I'm not sure anyone even punted the ball during the third quarter, because EVERY exchange was an interception or fumble. 

Since we were sitting in the white section, this bracelet was my form of red!  I bought it in China, and it was my first time to wear it! 
(Okay, yeah, that was 2 years ago, and I don't know what took me so long to wear this bracelet in my school colors for the first time.)

So glad our SOONERS pulled it off in the end!  What a (stressful) but great game!


  1. Looks like it was so fun! I'm sorry we couldn't come, we have just had such a long week. :)

  2. Looks like fun! I live in Blacksburg (Virginia Tech), so I also love college football weekends.

    Becky @

    p.s. LOVE the bracelet!

    1. Awesome, I think college football is the best! Thank you, I thought the bracelet worked out well!


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