Monday, September 23, 2013

Skirtember - Week 3

Okay...I'll just admit.  I didn't do so well at Skirtember last week.  

On Tuesday I started to wear my dress in the picture, and then a crazy Oklahoma storm came through, so I changed.  I did fine on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday, I just didn't feel like wearing a skirt.  Saturday, I just didn't feel like wearing a skirt.  Sunday, we had Children's Church with toddlers, and I wasn't going to attempt sitting on the ground with kids in a dress.  

Okay, those are my excuses!  
Here are my pictures for my three successful days!

Tuesday - 9.17.13
Blue floral dress from Ross (aka my favorite dress!)
 Wednesday 9.18.13
Shirt from Target, Skirt from Daisy Exchange (thrift), shoes from Rue21. 

Thursday - 9.19.13
Sorry for the bad picture quality...I waited until it got dark.  But check it out, another storm coming through!
Dress was a yard sale purchase!


  1. This week wasn't a fail! You look great :)

    1. Thanks Chantal! Hopefully I'll be more motivated to wear skirts this week...although here I am sitting in sweats. haha Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I think you have very good taste, considering the style of your favorite dress! ;)

    1. Thanks Rachel, I love that dress! It is colorful, but still earthy toned...which is my best palate.


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