Monday, September 23, 2013

Easy Caramel Coffee "Latte"

Hey coffee readers!  This post is for those of you who actually drink coffee!  (Just because you read my blog doesn't mean you all like coffee, obviously...but I'm putting a good bet that a lot of you do!)

Today, I'm bringing you a coffee recipe I whipped up on a whim last week when the hubster got home from a 12 hour work day.  It is super easy, and you probably already have the ingredients!  It's actually so easy that I put "latte" in parenthesis because it isn't really a latte, but you get the idea.   And it is in perfect timing with the Fall weather that is FINALLY arriving here in Oklahoma!


Easy Caramel Coffee "Latte"

2 Cups of Hot Coffee
1/2 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
2 Splenda Packets (splenda equivalency chart)
1/4 Cup of Caramel

Add all ingredients together in a blender.  I usually blend for 2 or so minutes to allow the whipping cream to have a frothed effect.  

This recipe makes a little over two cups...probably about three.  It works perfect for my husband and I since we each get a cup, and can go back for seconds for a half refill.

*Be sure you use hot coffee, because if you don't the whipping cream will turn out chunky and gross least that's what happened for us when I forgot to heat the left over coffee we were using prior to blending.  

These are the specific ingredients we used.
Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream, Great Value Sweetener, Eight O'Clock Original Coffee, and Hershey's Caramel Syrup.

First, get two cups of coffee.  
If you're like us, you'll be using left over coffee from the morning, so be sure to heat it up really hot in the microwave before putting it in the blender!

Next, two packets of Splenda.  I've notice it dissolves best in hot liquids, so now would be a good time to stir it in.

 Approximately 1/2 a cup of heavy whipping cream.
Note:  In the pictures, I actually used almost one cup of heavy cream because the last time I made this I didn't measure anything and was guessing the measurements.  I'd suggest you half a cup instead for more of a coffee flavor.  Or, my best suggestion is to pour it in until the color is the same way you like your regular coffee and cream.

Now, 1/4 a cup of caramel syrup.  You can always add more, of course.  ;) 

 Pour everything into the blender.

 I blend for several minutes on the pulse setting.  I blend on the pulse setting only because I'm too lazy to figure out how to turn off the pulse setting...but it seems to be working fine!

Pour in your favorite cup, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and you're good to go!



  1. Ooo... What a great way to get the milk all frothy and wonderful! I'm definitely going to have to use this recipe! :-)

    1. Yes, the heavy cream works wonders. We'd done this type of drink with just regular milk in the past, but this was a lot better! Hope it works out for you! :)

  2. Hopping here from Freedom Friday's. We owned our own Coffee Shoppe and Bakery for several years. Although we made real latte's this looks perfect for at home use. In other words I wouldn't have to make espresso and that makes it much easier. Blessings to another Coffee Couple! Marie @

    1. Marie, thanks so much for stopping by! The only time we get espresso around here is if the husband makes it because our espresso machine is kind of finicky and doesn't seem to like me! The real thing is always great, but we've enjoyed this drink to use with our left over coffee for the day!

  3. Tried this out yesterday and it was super yummy! Thanks for sharing!! I'm adding it to my weekend links post over at Have a great weekend!!

    1. So glad you were able to try it out (and that you liked it), Nancy! Thanks as well for the feature, I'm honored! :)

  4. This is sooooo getting pinned. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE caramel, add it to coffee, heaven!! Thanks for sharing!


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