Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Day I Almost Wore a Dress to the State Fair

Tuesday, we had made plans with one of our friends to visit the State Fair.  It was looking to be a wonderful day, and just before we left we were running a meal over to a couple in our church who just had a baby.  As we got everything packed and our hands were full to walk out the door, it started raining.  Nothing big, just steady rain.  

Since it is "Skirtember," I was wearing one of my favorite dresses and planning to wear some cute flats.  Well, I'm sure most of you know as well as I do that suede flats and rain don't mix.  We were pretty sure that based on how quickly the storm happened that it would leave just as quickly and we'd be back to normal...except the ground would be wet.  I decided to change clothes.

I felt that the weather was confusing, so just to be safe I decided to go change into a tshirt and shorts.  When I came back outside about a minute later it started hailing probably quarter sized hail.

 There it is starting to hail...

Now it's really hailing...

"Should we stay, or should we go now?  If we go there will be trouble....."

After the hail, the wind got I took a video.
(In case you're from another part of this earth, this is what Oklahomans do when we have weird weather.  We go on the front porch and watch or take pictures and videos to prove that our state's weather is psycho.)

Wow, glad we weren't already at the state fair when THAT happened!

Just to make this clear, it was sunny 10 minutes before I took this video, and it was sunny again 5 minutes after I took this video.

 Finally, the rain stopped.  We gathered our things and left...and because I was still confused about what to wear (feeling bad I was betrying skirtember, obviously) I brought 3 possible pairs of shoes and the dress I had been wearing earlier.  

Here is the logic behind the shoes I brought...
 Unfortunately in Oklahoma, we may never truly be able to answer those questions, so I brought them all!

 The Oklahoma State Fair

Luckily, the weather cleared up, we made it to the state fair, and the Oklahoma sunset was always.

The boys examining the fried food coupons...

The ground was wet!  Glad I chose the boat shoes!

Colorful lights and wet streets just capture the nostalgic side of me.  I love it!

Color, color, everywhere.  That's why we say OklaHOME.

Do you see that GIANT pumpkin???!!!  It weighs 209 pounds!  
That's almost 100 pounds more than me!

Tyler examining the 4H kids rock and fossil collections...his hobby.

At this point the fair was closing and they kicked us out.

Did you guys realize how worth it those coupon books you can buy there are?  We got Indian Tacos and Cinnamon Rolls....and they were so yummy and unhealthy I could feel my arteries clogging with each delicious bite I took.

Woohoo state fair!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I wish Pennsylvania had a state fair! I'd be all over that fried food haha! Also, glad you made the right shoe choice. it's always good to have options! :)

    1. You guys don't have a state fair?! I'm shocked! It's like one of the best things that happens every year! haha

      Yes, shoe options are always good. The husband made fun of me for bringing three pairs of shoes, but it turned out that he wished he had different shoes when we got there. Women aren't complicated for nothing!

  2. yay! I want to go to the washington state fair but its over next week.
    Its now or never, I guess. hmm.

    And you are so right about the weather - I sooooo remember that from when I lived there.

    1. Oh, you have to go! It's only once a year!

      And yes - Oklahoma weather = cray cray.

  3. That weather is craaazy! Reminds me of home ;)
    The fair looks like fun though!

  4. State fairs are so fun! But man, that weather was pretty crazy--and I like your thinking as far as the shoes!

  5. Man this post makes me miss OK! <3

    1. Aww, sorry! It's a wonderful state! I forgot, what state did you tell me you are living in now?

  6. Ahhh Oklahoma weather - it's just always something different! I love your fair pictures - I really need to try to go this year!

    So fun to stumble upon another Oklahoma blogger!

    1. I didn't realize you were from Oklahoma as well! Fun! Hope you'll be able to make it to the fair before it closes up!

  7. That weather is crazy! Even though your dress outfit was ADORABLE, I'm glad you changed. It would have been lame to ruin a great pair of shoes. The fair looks like it was a blast!

    1. Even though it stopped raining, I'm super glad I did too! Those shoes would have never made it through all those mud puddles.

  8. For real. Hasn't the weather this week been just insane?! Glad you still got to go to the fair. We went and ate corndogs and fried pickles. YUM!

    1. It has been pretty crazy...however the weather we've had for the past two days can stay that way forever! Yummy fair food, glad you were able to make it as well before it ended!


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