Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

Yeah, that's right.  It's your birthday!


I love you and have the highest hopes that you will have a wonderful birthday today!  I'm so glad you've been my best companion for the past 3 years!  I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you, doing the things you do best!  

  You are an amazing person with such a loving heart, and by far the best thing that's happened to me!  I wanted to post some pictures of our lives together so far to tell about some of my favorite memories with you!

Thank you for all the wonderful adventures we've gone on!  This day trip to Turner Falls was super fun, and I love that you enjoy outdoorsy things!

I love your sense of humor.  Never thought anyone would take me to a mortuary on a road trip/date thing! 
Those names were our last names, such a funny coincidence! Tyler took me there as a surprise stop on a road trip.  Love his morbid sense of humor. lol

Thank you for actually wanting to build an igloo and at least try to sleep in it with me!  Anyone else would have thought I was crazy, but this is one of my favorite memories...EVER.  I love that you aren't afraid to take on a challenge!  

I'm so glad we get did crazy things in college, like run though all the fountains on campus!

 Thanks so much for winning Maggie on our second date at the state fair.  She was a wonderful world traveling companion, and living away from you for almost 6 months wouldn't have been as good as they were with this pup!  Oh, and thanks for giving her a bath to get the China pollution smell out when I got back!

 I love that you love Maggie too!  She is most definitely the closest thing we have to a child...and will remain that for a while! ;) 

Leaving you to go to China was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it was so worth getting to know you in different ways over those six months.  I'm grateful that God made it clear to both of us during that time that we were right for each other.

Thanks for spending countless hours when I got back just to make up for those months apart!  Taking me around campus again was fun!

Did I ever tell you that you made a great Carl Fredrickson in your snazzy hat and suspenders?  
You're so fly.

Thanks for all the flowers and weeds you have picked me over all the years.  It is absolutely adorable, and no one appreciates it more than me!

Ooh, and especially thanks for picking these flowers that led me to you asking me to marry you!

Thank you for marrying me, and for putting up with crazy wedding obsessed me for over a year!  We've already had some of the best times of our lives together, and I can't wait for many more years of best times!  

Love you, darling! 



  1. Awww! This was such an awesome post, you guys already have a lot of great memories and traditions after a few years! Happy birthday to him!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'll pass on your Happy Birthday to him when he gets home. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your precious man! Sounds like you're definitely meant for one another. ;-)


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