Friday, August 2, 2013

Easy Curtain Tiebacks

Today's post is simple:  it involves ribbon and leftover wedding boutineers.  Of course, you could always use a button or other pennant that matches the decor in your home.  I'm just trying to use up our leftover wedding stuff!

We hung some red curtains up in our office in effort to add some insulation to the window and some color interest to the room.  We recently set up our fish tank in front of the window to give them some natural light - as the tank hood lights recently rusted out and won't work.  The curtains without being tied back were looking pretty shapeless, and taking too much natural light from the room.

I just used an excessive amount of ribbon to tie a loose knot around the panel.  Then I used the boutineers (they have a bar pin on the other side) to pin through the center of the knot.  It really kills two birds with one stone, by keeping the bow in tact and creating a focal point.

The brown boutineers tie in with the cork colored buttons at the top of the curtains, while the cream colored ribbon ties in with the small dresser the fish tank sits on.

Since we're talking about the fishies, here's a little update since the move!

They really didn't like moving again after the wedding!  They weren't too happy with us after the car ride, but they're all settled now and have forgotten all about it!

Moe is being his normal self - lollygagging around and pretending not to eat when I feed him.
I know you eat, you little bugger, because you've lived for 6 months.
He's a trickster, I say.

And Picasso is being his usual self as well - hiding under the rock and acting all scared when we turn the office light on.  Don't be a fradie fish, Picasso.  I pointed him out so you could see him...he's been into the camo style his whole life - guess it's not just a phase.

Picasso and Mr. P are aliases...because when he lived with Tyler's mom he was "Mr. P," but when Tyler brought him to me, he told me he didn't have a name.  So now he is Picasso and Mr. P.  I figure they work well together.

P.S. If anyone is interested, I sell these boutineers on my Etsy shop, LoveCoffeeDarling!

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  1. These curtain tie backs are very pretty. Love how you used pieces from your wedding. They will keep memories alive.
    Stopping by from the "Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Following you on Bloglovin, G+, and Facebook. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Have a great weekend :)
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama


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