Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween: Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen

Tyler and I as Carl & Ellie from Up!
This Halloween, Tyler and I decided to be Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from the Pixar film Up!  

I love the couple so much, and their story is pretty much the best 5 minutes of a love story in animation....or in pretty much all movies.  We went with my roommate (Sherry) and her boyfriend (Wei) to the zoo for the trick-or-treat night.  It may have been for kids, but hey, we paid an entrance fee that bag of candy!  And it was a great experience since Sherry and Wei are from China, they got to experience trick-or-treating for the first time!  I'll share some pictures from the night!

This is the scene at our apartment while we were getting ready...

When we arrived at the zoo, we paid the admission fee for "Haunt the Zoo" and got our candy bags to fill up!

My roommate and her boyfriend - their first time to trick-or-treat!  
Wei was an Angry Pig and Sherry wore her traditional Chinese qipao.

The outfit for Carl was simple...slacks, shirt, jacket and hat that Tyler already had, we just had to get suspenders and a bow tie.  Tyler's glasses worked fine for being Carl.  I found an old soda bottle lid lying around, and made an Ellie Badge for Carl to wear. The only thing Carl is missing is a cane with tennis balls.

"Carl" getting his outfit on.

My outfit for Ellie was not quite as simple, however.  I wanted to buy a yellow dress since that seems to be the most memorable outfit of Ellie in the film, but since that was impossible to find such yellow dresses in October, I had to resort to other options.  I borrowed a vintage dress from my friend Veronica, but since the weather has turned so cold, I decided that dress is just a little too short to walk in the cold at night.

This is Ellie's outfit that mine is inspired by. 
I had found a cute floral button up with a matching sash at a thrift shop for $1.50 that looks similar to Ellie's shirt in the above still, and some high waisted navy capri slacks that I bought earlier this year.  I paired these two and wore the sash around my head to get the casual Ellie look.  I just wore some flats with the rest of this outfit.  Since it is cold, I wore another long sleeve under the button up, and some long socks since my pants were capris.  (Why does the weather always get really really cold a few days before Halloween?)  Maybe the socks completed my 'old lady' look.

Me as Ellie

With hopes one day Tyler and I can have a picture this cute while drinking coffee.  :)
After trick-or-treating at the zoo, we headed to Starbucks for a warm drink, and got photobombed in the process of this picture!

The next night we found out Chipotle gave out free burritos to students who were dressed up for halloween, so Tyler and I put our costumes back on to go there.  I resorted to wearing a vintage style dress that I have, which I think fit Ellie's style perfectly.

We've only dressed up twice since we've been together, once before as Mulan and Woody and this time as Carl and Ellie.

Psst.  Here's a peek at the Mulan and Woody getup, which was for a group Disney Halloween party with friends.

What was your favorite Halloween costume ever - as a kid, or as an adult?!


  1. I love your costumes! Happy Halloween to you! I'm a new follower through the blog hop. :)

    1. Happy Halloween to you as well! Glad to have you follow along! :)


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