Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wedding Update | I've Got Mail

Wednesday Weekly Wedding Update

"What's new with your wedding planning this week...and last week," you ask?  Well I'm so glad you asked!

As my title suggests, I got a lot of really important mail (last) week, since I got so busy and forgot to post this last Wednesday.  This week I will just update for the past two weeks, especially since they have been somewhat uneventful as a result of school.
  • First off, my Save the Dates came in!  I'm just using a photo as our Save the Date, which I edited using Photoscape and Gimp.  Have I mentioned I love Photoscape?  I edit all my pictures with this program.  Free, and good for simple edits.  I'll share our save the date after we've gotten them sent out, but I wouldn't want to ruin the fun for those getting their picture in the mail or in person.  :)
  • ***UPDATE***  It turns out that my Save the Dates actually said May 18, 2012 instead of May 18, 2013.  Looks like I'll be reprinting those...
  • Since I had my computer fixed and had to re-download Photoscape onto my computer, I can no longer find the fonts I used on my original Save the Dates.  This turns into a larger problem each day it seems.
  • I also got some beautiful wood scraps I ordered, which I plan to do various small projects with.
  • I received some sample invitations in the mail from Wedding Paper Divas (beautiful invites), which was really fun to look at, and helpful to see sizing and colors, since I plan to design and print my own invites.
  • Most importantly, however, was my WEDDING DRESS!!  Yes, I can see it now...why am I getting my wedding dress in the mail?  Well, after such trouble finding a dress that I liked in the stores, I turned to online dresses.  They are much more affordable, and have more selections.  And, no.  I didn't try it on before I bought it.  It came in a little big, but that's nothing that some alterations can't take care of.  (P.S. Does anyone know a seamstress around Norman/OKC?)
  • For the first 5 months of being engaged, I thought it was so awful that I so badly wanted a Fall wedding, but had to wait until Spring when every other soul has their Wedding.  I'm still having Fall colors, and now I'm realizing I have the opportunity to purchase many of my things early and on sale, since my shades of brown will be out of season by the time we reach Spring.
  • This week, I've had to put most of my wedding stuff aside for the sake of school, additionally I had to craft our Halloween costumes.  This may have meant hiding my wedding crafting supplies from myself.
Hoping school lightens up soon so I can resume working on my wedding stuff, but I'm not expecting it to do that too soon.  

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