Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Wreath

Hi there, Coffee Readers!

  I can't believe how long it has been since my last post!  Since we've last talked, Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos have come out (I'm not telling how many I have bought), and everything else is turning gears from summer to fall except the weather.  But even today, the weather has cooled down here in Oklahoma, but only due to a cool front.  It will probably be triple digits again next week.  I'm looking forward to when mother nature decides it is time for autumn weather like the rest of us.

I've been wanting to put a wreath on our door for Fall this year, since it is my very absolute favorite season, and I'm ready to celebrate.  Fall colors are the best...colorful and vivid, but natural.  I am not necessarily done with this wreath, once the leaves change colors, I plan to continue adding to it as the season changes.  But for now, I have pine cones and acorns.  I love pine cones and acorns.  They are just unbelievably cute, and acorns remind me of squirrels, which are pretty cool too.

I bought the wound wreath from Walmart, and then picked the pine cones and acorns from around campus. If I hadn't rescued them, these beauties would have been mowed.  I used some thin wire to wrap around the pine cones and twist through the wreath and tie on the back side.  They seem pretty sturdy.  As for the acorns, they are just hot glued in hopes that they stay put.

  At my apartment, we have metal doors, so after I'd already bought the wreath and started putting it together, I realized I hadn't thought about how to hang it.  I had an extra command hook lying around, so I turned it upside down and stuck it to the top of the inner side of our door.  I used this ribbon, and to keep it from twisting around due to tying, I hot glued it flat together at the top, and then tied a knot in the ribbon after that.  This created a loop between the glue and the knot, where I hung on the command hook.  It has been up for a couple days, so hopefully it will stay!

Happy almost Fall,
Oh, and have yourself a Pumpkin Spice...again!


A few days ago I added a little color to our wreath!  I think it looks much more cozy now!

Updated with leaves!

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