Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeping Oddly Sized Photos in Standard Sized Album

  Have you noticed that pretty much all camera prints from the 20th Century are all different, oddly sized photos?  I imagine that's why photo albums used to be mostly the type with the weird sticky paper instead of the more modern and consistent 4x6 slotted photo albums.  Well, since ya'know, I lived in the 20th Century for a few years, I have quite a few of those old photos that seem to fit no album.  That's why for the past 20-something years they've been sitting in a box, largely unseen and quite a hassle to get out the photos for a short walk down memory lane.  If you get "the box" out, a "short" walk is quite impossible.

  That's why last year I began working on a project.  I decided to MAKE all those mismatching sized photos fit chronologically into one large photo album.  That's right.  All sizes and shapes, in order.  No more weird sticky albums, and here's to chronology and organization. 

Ok, here's what you need:
  • A book of 12 inch by 12 inch scrapbook paper that you like, and that goes well with your photos.
  • Elmer's Tape Runner (From my experience, glue does not work as well to hold the photos in the correct place, and is more damaging to the photos.)
  •  A scrapbook paper cutter (or some other way to cut straight edges that also has a ruler).  Mine is ProvoCraft Brand, and I bought it at Hobby Lobby.  When I bought it, I had NO IDEA...(literally) how much I would use this thing.  I use it all the time.  Well worth my $12 bucks.

Step 1:  Ok, you're gonna half your paper to make two 6 in x 12 in pieces.  Just remember, if your pattern has lines, you need to cut this the opposite way of how you intend those lines to be on your photo album.  For example, I cut these so that the lines would be horizontal in my photo album.

 Step 2:  Take each 6x12, turn them on your cutter where lengthwise they are horizontal to the bottom measuring ruler.  Measure each cut at the 4 inch mark of your ruler, and you should have six 4x6 pieces when you are done.

Step 3:  Before you paste your photo to the scrapbook paper, be sure to read the back and copy any information onto the back of your scrapbook paper.  Even if you know what this picture is, it doesn't mean your great great great grandchildren will when they find your photos in someone's attic one day.  Even copy down extra information you may not have added when the picture was taken.

 Step 4:  Run tape down two sides of your photo.  It is really unnecessary to do more, all you really need is to keep it from turning and moving inside the photo album, not to 'marry it and make it one' to the other paper.

 Step 5:  Stabilize your photo to the place you would like it on the scrapbook paper.  Remember, it doesn't always have to be in the middle.

The Result:  As you can see, I have put multiple sizes of pictures in the album, and used different types of scrapbook paper in each space. While I am not too much of a "scrapbook" person, adding more details would make a very fun photo album.  I have a stamp set that I plan to add some detail work to the outside of the photos.  However, I will stick to the first big project, and that is getting all these old photos in this album.

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  1. What an adorable way to dress up those oddly sized photos. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.



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