Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finals Week Must Mean Wait Until the Final Minute

    So, it's finals week here at the University of Oklahoma.  It's the only time of the year that you can't find a seat in the library, in the student union, and even the shady spots under the trees are already taken by tired nappers.  And...yes, I've neglected the blog a little bit (kind of like I'm neglecting my paper right now)...but blogs are more fun than papers.

    I thought today, since finals aren't quite over for many schools and it's that time of year when people search the web procrastinating for anything to prolong procrastination, that I would share the music I enjoy listening to while I study.

Five Suggestions for Study Worthy Music

  1. Up Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino.  It is fun, light and jazzy.  It helps me feel like studying isn't so bad, and that I can be happy studying.  I could be happy doing anything if this were my theme music. Of this album, my favorite song is Up with Titles.
  2. How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack by John Powell.  This has...obviously...a Celtic theme to it, but is typically fun but at the same time inspiring.  I find the songs help me feel able to accomplish my tasks.  I think I have two favorites:  Test Drive and Tinker Spell.  This is a great compilation of songs with really great diversity in each song (the theme runs throughout the soundtrack, but each song is unique.)
  3. Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack by Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman, and Joel McNeely.  This is a serious soundtrack, also with a Celtic theme, but I find really great to study with when I need to think more than hear the music.  The music is there, but not invasive. The theme is quite repetitive throughout the entire soundtrack, but if you want low key music for high key studying, I find this attribute helpful .  My favorites are The Kiss and Promontory.
  4.  Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.  This sountrack is pretty electric and intense.  I usually find myself listening to this one if my paper/test is due in two hours and I'm not ready yet. (Which is usually the case. haha)  If you need music that makes you a little on the edge with electricity to keep you awake and productive, I suggest this one.  My favorites are Dream is Collapsing and Time.
  5. All Disney Songs I've gotta say, I listen to Disney classics while I study sometimes.  If you don't mind the lyrics, this can put you in a much happier mood than the sadness and anger you feel in relation to your tests, papers, professors, or that guy in the library that doesn't stop tapping his foot (or insert whatever annoys you.)  I have an entire playlist devoted only to Disney songs.  And since you're studying, I think a great suggestion is Let's Get Down to Business from Mulan.  ;)  I didn't give a link for this one because it just depends on your favorites, but here is a large collection.
 Happy Finals, Good Luck to All!

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