Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break: Relax and Find Random Treasures!

   The past week has been Spring Break for those of us in Oklahoma, and this has really been a great one.  This has been the first break I have not gone on a trip, and so it has brought lots of relaxation and time to spend doing things I WANT to do, and spend time with people I want to hang out with (the beautiful benefit of NOT taking a Spring Break trip.) :P

  Last weekend, Tyler and I went yard-saling (I don't know if that is a verb in your book, but it sure is in mine.)  I thought I would share some of my treasures, and my plans for them. 

This is a little shelf I found for $5, and I wanted it mainly to hand my scarves on, but I've had fun using it do decorate my "oh-so-lovely" university apartment.

 I found this little canister for $1.  It used to hold cheese, but I thought it looked cute and antique-ish...or as Tyler says...I'm just like my grandma.

This wasn't a yard sale find, however my mommy bought it for me from an antique shop on our Mema/Mom/Daughter day a few weeks ago. :)

This also wasn't a yard sale find, but I put it on my shelf to display my childhood rock collection.  I'm sure mom enjoyed me dragging in the "cool" rocks from the dirt road we lived by all the time.

I found this type-writer at a yard sale, and I only paid $2 for it!  It still works, but needs a new ribbon! (Here we come, all ye Pinterest ideas!)

Now, this may have to be my BIG treasure.  The guy sold this picture to me for only $3.  It seems pretty old, and the style is really interesting.  I am enjoying this picture a lot.

Here is a detail shot of it, if anyone knows any information about this picture, please send your info to me!  I don't even know the language written here.

Another detail.

Bottom right hand corner:  no signature.  :/

A little bunt pan from goodwill.

Turns out it was made in Wilburton, OK...not too far from my Dad's part of the state.

I also bought this blue suitcase for $2.  I may use it for my two cats who will be joining me from my parent's old house to my apartment in Norman.  :)

Here are my babies coming to see me.  This is Simon, he is kind of a crazy, but pretty stinkin' cool.

And...Miss Casey.  She is extremely people friendly and likes to meow a lot.  :)

Unfortunately until they aren't freaked out from the move, they'll be spending a little time in the kennel graciously loaned to me by Tyler's parent's while I'm in class.  Hopefully they'll get a little sleep time then, and on top they can sit in the "suitcase bed" to look out the window. 

Any advice on moving and helping (12 year) old cats adjust to new homes (especially apartment life) would be greatly appreciated.  :)

  As I mentioned, since it IS Spring in Oklahoma, we start to get our typical Oklahoma weather patterns:  unpredictable.  Wednesday morning, the entire state woke up to warm, bright and sunny.  But on our way back to Norman from Tyler's hometown, we ran into Oklahoma.

Here's how Oklahoma City Downtown looked from the highway.  haha, pretty dark stuff.  There were scattered monsoons everywhere.  

Roller coaster at Frontier City (Oklahoma City's theme park)...yeah, creepy, huh?

And, well, while I was away at Tyler's parent's, all my food decided to expire.  So upon coming home, I wasn't finding too much for dinner...and, know...the good ole Oklahoma "health" food come out of the closet.  :P

These are some pretty tasty onion rings we made last night.  I didn't know how to fry onion rings before I lived in China and craved every unhealthy thing native to the good south, and then, I learned.  haha
All I do is slice the onion and separate all the layers, then dip each ring in an egg followed by flour batter.  Then have some (really) hot oil waiting, fry them until they look crispy brown, and...geez.  These are better than the really thick batter you get in restaurants, in my opinion.  :) 

Yum! Crispy crust!

 This stuff is unhealthy enough, so don't forget to salt enough to raise your blood-pressure, and also put a paper towel down to soak up the excess grease.  :)

Well, that will be all for this portion of Spring Break!  If I venture to any more crafts, adventures, or cooking explorations, I will be sure to fill in.
Happy Spring Break!

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  1. Agreed, such a great spring break time to relax and do fun things with our sweet men!


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