Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Birthday in Review

So, as you probably remember, it was my birthday last week!  I promised a here's what we did for my birthday!  If you're into big birthday parties, you'll probably think it was boring, but I assure you I had a great time with my hubby, especially since we're both a fan of doing random things and getting free stuff!

Prior to my birthday, I signed up with all kinds of restaurants and places to get free birthday meals.  Most of them you have to bring in a coupon that will usually expire a week or two after your birthday.  But since we had so many places that I signed up for, we decided to spread them out as much as possible so we wouldn't have too many places to go for one day.

We decided to use the IHOP coupon a few days before my birthday.  This one was neat because I actually got another coupon for the same meal for signing up for their club, so Tyler was able to eat free too!

On my birthday, I waited for Tyler to get home from work so we could go on our free food adventure!
Once he got home, drove to the mailbox on our way out for my birthday night, and saw the cute little raccoon and cat that always chill by the dumpster (because someone leaves little piles of cat food there for them.)

Then we went to Schlotzsky's, where Tyler and I split my free birthday sandwich!  The key to keeping free birthday meals free is to not feel bad and buy a combo or drink at the restaurant, and to split your food with your significant other so they don't have to buy a meal for themselves.  This is much less awkward if you get the meal to go.

I got their Turkey and Cranberry was really good!

Next place we went to was Firehouse Subs.  We went here on Tyler's birthday, and the employee's are always super fun about birthdays! 

They even gave me a fire hat to wear!

Then we went to Krispy Kreme to use the coupon for the free birthday donut, and we split an Apple Fritter.
And then of course, as true coffee fans, we headed over to Dunkin Donuts to try to get a free coffee.  When I signed up with them, it said I was supposed to get a free medium drink on my birthday, but I never received a coupon in the mail, my email, or on my the barista was nice and gave me one anyway...but I still felt bad that it didn't work.
And then, we of course wouldn't be very good Breaking Bad fans if we didn't go to Deny's for a free Grand Slam, and then we REALLY wouldn't be good Breaking Bad fans if I didn't make Tyler write my birthday age in the bacon!  (We really should probably not go this far, but seriously.  Had to do it.)
Then after we got home from a rigorous birthday meal extravaganza, we decided to start watching the first season of Flight of the Conchords...because for some reason we both know all the songs, but have never actually watched the series.  It was fun!
The next weekend after my birthday, we went to visit my family for a couple days.  On Sunday afternoon, the weather was beautiful, so we went for a nice walk at Bluff Creek trails near Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City!

I think I had a pretty good birthday week!  Might not be typical, but spending time with hubby and family is the most important part!  :)
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  1. Sounds like a great birthday to me!!! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  2. Looks like a tasty birthday for sure! It's really nice that you could get so many coupons and vouchers! :D

    1. Its really kind of crazy how many free things you can get on your birthday! And it was pretty tasty...and food is always at least a little tastier when it was free! haha

  3. Sounds like a lovely birthday with lots of free food (how can you say no to that?!). The '24' bacon picture is too cute!

    1. Haha, you know you're in your 20s if a great birthday consists of getting a bunch of free stuff! We couldn't help ourselves with the '24!'


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