Monday, November 4, 2013

Decorating from Yard Sales

I grew up in a home where used, antique, handmade, and thrifty items were treasured.  My relatives are always finding a new bargain trinket...or if you're my grandma you have been known to have 4 pianos in your home at once (no, she does not live in a mansion).  We treasure other people's trash our treasure.  That's why I love yardsaling.  Yes, it is a verb.

Tyler and I have been able to decorate our apartment primarily with items we have found at yard sales.  While it might be easier to go to the store and pick out some decorations, finding items at yard sales is a much more fun experience, and you'll usually pay fractions of the original price for something much more valuable than you could afford to buy brand new.  Or it might just be more unique.  

Plus, going to yard sales is always a fun adventure for couples.  You really NEVER know what you might find.  One time, we even took just a roll of dimes to see what we could was really fun for us both, and great for a newlywed team on a budget!  That day we even bought one of the pieces we get the most comments on for $1.50!

Note:  As a general rule, I don't buy anything at garage sales that can't be washed, or furniture with cushions.  It isn't always nice to assume the worst about things from other people, but as many of the items have been in someone's storage for a long time...or that you just don't know if people might have some sort of bug infestation, there isn't any harm in taking precautions to prevent bringing something to your house.  I try to clean everything I buy as soon as I get home.

This post is a little tour of how we've used items we bought at yard sales to decorate our apartment.


For the living room, I've mostly bought central art pieces, and a few trinkets.  
Large Metal Wall Ornament; $2.00
(This is hanging above our TV stand, I didn't get a shot of it in context).

The tree, picture, and teapot on the clock were all from yard sales as well.

The Art of Batik, The Inspection Tour.  Handmade in Taiwan, framed at Michael's; paid $1.50

Framed inked art piece; paid $3.
A few detail shots...

Anyone have any ideas about how to find some history about this piece?  No signature...


Kitchen themed magnet board on left, paid unknown.

Metal Cappuccino Wall Art; paid $0.50


Wooden frame; paid $1.00


Oil Rig Model; paid $4.00
(My husband really loves oil rigs...I HAD to get it for him and talked the uppity people who were trying to sell it at $10 down to $4. haha.)

Free Standing Mirror; paid $20

Shelf with hangers; paid $5


I'm always looking for good picture frames at yard sales and thrift stores.  Sometimes they are hard to find (I've actually had better luck for frames at thrift stores like Goodwill).  I made a collage with some flowers Tyler has given me over the years for this frame and some pictures of us.
Picture Frame; paid $2

What items have you found at garage sales that you now treasure?  


  1. I love a good garage sale! I used to have one of those free standing oval mirrors and I loved it! I have no idea what happened to it though...most likely my parents sold it in a garage sale!

    1. Haha, its funny how things get bought and resold so often. My mom and grandma used to have a booth in an antique store, and it was always funny when we would find a piece of furniture we'd sold before in another antique store.

  2. Shopping around thrift stores and yard sales has taught me that I never want to invest in pricey brand new home decor, because you always see it in huge piles at the thrift stores, especially seasonal decor! So clearly, lots of people are paying the big bucks to buy it new, and they just end up donating everything!

    1. Rachel, I totally agree! A good example is the metal tree thing we bought...I'd bet that someone originally paid a good $25-$40 for that at the store! I'm just glad someone else is buying it at the original price and deciding to get rid of it. :D

  3. You have managed to find some really great stuff!

  4. I LOVE thrifting and garage sale-ing. You've found some GREAT stuff!!! :-D

  5. I love yard sales! I love that oil rig model...that is so cool!

    1. They are definitely a fun hobby! That oil rig really couldn't have been a more perfect decoration to buy the hubby! haha Thanks for stopping by!


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