Friday, November 1, 2013

A Tree Obsession, No Trick or Treaters, and a Mini Recap

 So lately I've been busy.

So busy, in fact, that I haven't kept up with "scheduled" posts...actually, you saw my last scheduled post (before Christmas posts start) this past Tuesday.  This post isn't anything special, but just a little glimpse into our lives lately!

First of all, is my obsession with this tree in my apartment complex.  

 I literally have taken pictures of the tree nearly every time I walk to check the mail.  Sometimes I make special trips outside to take its picture (I can see it from my window, so I see how the leaves change every day).  

 I am so obsessed with this tree, that I make my husband take pictures by the tree when I force him to walk with me to the mailbox.

And then I force him to take a picture of me with the tree.

 And then the next day, when I walk by the tree again on the way to the mail box...or make a special trip...I take some more pictures.

It is seriously the most gorgeous tree I've seen this season...and it lives within 50 feet of my front door.

Some of the red leaves are so vibrant that they're a mixture between red, purple, and black.  I'm not sure I've ever had a tree I was obsessed with more.  It makes my instagram feed at least once a week.  It has been really amazing to see the process of the changing colors.  The tree was beautiful since it started to change colors, but I'm amazed every new day when I look out the window about how much prettier it is.  I'll probably go through a little stint of depression when all the leaves fall off. haha

 Yesterday was Halloween.  It was also the weekly TV night that we have with our friend every Thursday.  First we watched all of LOST, and now we're at the end of season 3 of Breaking Bad.  [NO SPOILERS!!!]  Please! :)  

But since it was Halloween, and since we live in an apartment complex, I made this cute little sign to encourage the complex kids to trick or treat at our door, but unfortunately no one came. Well...some kids almost got to our door, then their parents made them leave before we could open it.  :(  

Well, since we had no trick or treaters, we ate the butterfingers ourselves.

In other Fall festivities this week, I picked up these cute little gourds and pumpkin at the grocery store.  And we picked up some leaves from around the complex today.

Another cool thing was I saw these pumpkins made by the freshman Interior Design class this year for one of their projects.  (Seriously, why didn't the professors let us do a pumpkin contest when I was a freshman interior design student??!! That's way more fun than doing the same elements of design project two semesters in a row...)
Anyway, some of them were just too cute, so I snapped a few quick pictures!  These pumpkins were not created by me, nor do I know who created them (besides that they are an interior design student at OU).
I'm just posting for your enjoyment!

My favorite was the tree one!

How was your Halloween?  Any trick or treaters?  How are the trees in your area?


  1. That is a gorgeous tree! We don't get fall colors like that here! Our Halloween had many more kids now that we're in our new house...the past two years we only had one and it was the same girl each year!

    1. Thanks Katie! I can remember some years we never get many trees with color, but this year has been pretty good as far as the colors! Probably because it was so wet for us this year!
      Great to hear you had more trick or treaters! I was sad when we didn't even have one, but I guess that's apartment life!

  2. I bet you chose you outfit to wear in the tree-photo especially? ;) It just coordinates so well, the perfect autumn photo! :) I'm also tree-watching - there's one outside our window that's fun to watch too!

    1. Hahaha surprisingly, no I didn't coordinate that outfit! I just love those pants and my favorite color is brown, so I wear them together a lot! haha

  3. That's a gorgeous tree! I always love the ones that turn bright red the best!

  4. I love those pumpkins!! And that is one gorgeous tree. So lucky you get to see it every day! also- those mustard pants are amazing.i love them!
    I mentioned in a reply to one of your comments on my blog, but I don't ever know if people see those- I actually went to Bethel! we're practically neighbors! small world. we probably even know some of the same people. shoot me an email and maybe we can get together sometime! There are so many amazing local businesses around- if you haven't been to some- maybe we can check them out together!

    1. Thanks Shayla! Yes, I'm really loving the tree! Thanks, I love all my colored pants (need to convince the husband that I should buy some new colors! haha)

      Thanks for checking up, I just saw your comment in my email before I checked this! I'd love to get together sometime, and I'm always up for finding some new local places!

  5. We never get Trick or Treaters either! It's such a bummer!

    1. Its so disappointing when you don't get to see all their cute little costumes! One day, maybe!


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