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Wedding Decoration Details: Signs & Budget Tips

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is about all the various signs we had at our DIY wedding.  We had countless signs, whether to explain a process, to direct people to different places, or just for fun!  DIY weddings I feel need to help guests have more direction than a wedding where, perhaps, the facility you are using has hired staff who can help answer any questions.  Since we didn't have any staff who could point any confused guests the right way, we used signs to help get points across, and make everything fun!

-------Side Note-------

Before we get this post started, I wanted to give a shout out to Credit Card Insider and the neat infographic and article they created to give some financial tips to engaged couples who are wedding planning!  Thanks so much to them for featuring a little bit of my advice!  You can see the infographic and read the article here!  (My quote is actually found under my business name, Love Coffee Darling instead of the blog name Let's Drink Coffee, Darling...just in case you couldn't find it!)  I think much of the advice left by other brides is very great advice!

One thing that always threw me off are those "average" wedding costs you always see in wedding statistics!  I would like to add on to that while those may be the "average" wedding costs, you can still have a great wedding without spending anywhere near that amount of money!  Actually, I don't even understand how those are average, because I know for a fact I've never been to a wedding that cost that much!  If you have any questions about how we managed our wedding budget, please feel free to email me!  I am always happy to talk to other brides about our experience!

-------Now back to our regularly scheduled post-------

Signs for Food

We decided to make several signs at the wedding to either clarify what should be happening or what type of food or drink should be served.  Most of the signs were hand painted or drawn, as well as crafted by me.  Some of the smaller details were printed.

This sign was made for S'mores after the cake part of the reception.
It was made with cardboard, paint pens, a dowel rod, and the base of a trophy stand.

And yes, I did use real fire to burn the edges of the sign.  The smoke detector almost went off a few times. ;)

Cupcake Flavors

"Coffee on the Rocks"
I made this sign with foam board, cardstock, grass, pebbles, a dowel, a marble trophy stand base, and a tile.

This sign was made to go by our "signature drink" at the wedding.  We had some basics as far as drinks went: water, tea and lemonade...but the coffee was "us."

I broke the trophy base while trying to force the dowel in (it was just slightly too big).  I didn't have another one, so I just glued it back together, glued decorative grass over the crack, and glued the tile under it for extra support.  The moral of this story is...even if you break it, there's still a way to overcome and use it!

And here's the sign in action at the wedding...

Large Cooler Signs
Because we were using large coolers for the majority of drinks we offered at  the wedding, and since coolers aren't generally that pretty or see through, I made some signs so guests would know what drink was inside, as well as to make things a little cuter.

 Decorative/Informational Signs

We had other signs around the wedding that were purely for aesthetic or informational purposes.  Some were used to direct traffic, others just for fun!

I made this "All You Need is Love" sign from some pages in a catalog for wood flooring.  Just glued them onto foam board, and painted the quote on.

My friend Veronica made some pallet board signs for my bachelorette party and gave them to me.  We used them in the wedding too!

She also made this "All you need is Love" sign.  Apparently we were thinking the same thing. :)
We nailed this sign to two boards to make it stand higher and used it to direct traffic to the right location.  Our wedding was in an odd location, so we needed a way to let guests know they had made it to the right location.  There aren't any pictures of it from the wedding, unfortunately!

I made signs to cover the conventional bathroom signs at our wedding as well.  Read full post on these HERE.

Pebble Girl Basket
We wanted our Pebble Girls to do something a little different than traditional flower girls.  While one of them carried my beloved stuffed animal Maggie with her, the other threw pebbles and carried this basket.  You can read more on our reasoning for that and for more pictures HERE.


  1. I liked your resourcefulness that you used a magazine page for wood flooring to make a sign that looked like wood! Now that's smart! I always think there must just be a couple of rich families that spend $1 million on a wedding and that skews the averages for the rest of us.

    1. Thanks Rachel! And I agree, it must be those who are able to spend so much on their weddings that makes the averages so darn high...maybe infographics should make the "average person's average wedding costs." ;)

  2. Very cute idea! I love it all.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Your signs were so cute!!! I wish I had put more thought into signs like this!!! :-)

  4. Great signs! Very creative. I came across your awesome blog on the Meet and Greet Blog Hop. I'm following you via Bloglovin'. Please follow me back. Have a great night! :)

  5. You are so crafty and resourceful! I love your decor! Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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