Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Flower Girls were Pebble Girls

 Here's something that'll throw ya.
We had pebble girls instead of flower girls at our wedding.

What are Pebble Girls, you ask?
Well, here's a story about the idea and the sweet little ladies who carried it out.

Meet our pebble girls.  
I'm leaving their names out just for security purposes.
They are my little cousins on my mom's side of my family.  
They are also the only girls besides me since my mom's generation.
All the cousins in my generation are boys.
I think they're pretty special.

The idea to have Pebble Girls came one day when I was toying with the idea of them throwing something besides flower petals.
(Remember, in the above paragraph I told you that I was the only girl in my generation.  I grew up with a bunch of boy cousins, and have since been very much a tom-girl.)

Flowers don't do that much for me.  They are pretty, but they aren't that meaningful.

To both Tyler and I, rocks are very meaningful.  We both have extensive rock collections since we were young children.  Our grandparents taught us about rocks, gave us rocks, helped us look for rocks, and so on.  Thus, the idea was born that the girls should prepare the way with rocks, not flowers.  

The idea kept becoming even more meaningful as we kept thinking of ideas.  For her basket of pebbles, I decided to make a sign that said, "We're Standing on the Solid Rock" from the old hymn.  
Not only is our marriage made of things we both love, but it should be built on the solid rock - which is God.  Rock is a foundation that is sturdy, and it doesn't just go away through many types of conditions. 

For our youngest pebble girl, we had another important task.  You see, in this picture she is holding my beloved Maggie.  Tyler won Maggie for me on our second date at the Oklahoma State Fair, and since she has gone wherever I go.  Maggie lived in China, Maggie has made lots of road trips, lived in different apartments, and always likes to snuggle.  Maggie had been there with us since the beginning of our relationship, and there was no way she was missing out on our wedding day!

That's where this lovely pebble girl came in, as she made sure Maggie was standing right up there with us!
Aren't they both adorable?

And so the time came, for our Pebble Girls to prepare the way....

Our oldest pebble girl laid the rock foundation,

and our youngest helped us have everyone we needed all together.

The ceremony happened.  It was wonderful, windy and well.

Our pebble girls stayed strong!
There they are, still doing a great job during the ceremony!

Mostly, anyway! ;)
This was one of our favorite pictures from the entire day! haha!

And then the time came to celebrate!  So they did...
Photo Credited to Veronica Burns.
This little lady was awesome, because she figured out that the sign turned around for the recessional!
I had completely forgotten to show her that, but she figured it out anyway!  You go, girl!
Photo credited to Veronica Burns.

And we they lived happily ever after!

*All photo credits go to Birds and Coffee Design unless otherwise stated.  We appreciate their talent and hard work!


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Originally I didn't want flower girls at all but when two cute little cousins begged me, I couldn't resist them and agreed.
    I didn't want flowers either so I made a sign that said "here comes the bride" for my two flower girls. However, I only decided on it two days before the wedding.

    1. Sounds like a great idea for your flower girls, Claudz! I bet they were cute carrying the sign! Thanks for stopping in today!

  2. too cute that she figured that out on her own!

  3. what a fantastic idea!! i love that!
    those girls are just too cute.

    i also love that little sneak peek of your backdrop, are those old doors? They're fabulous. We're planning a wedding ourselves at the moment. :)

    1. Yep, I bought them at a Methodist Church's yard sale for $8. haha They turned out pretty nice, I think. The Oklahoma wind nearly took them down, but luckily they stood up the whole time! :)

  4. Such beautiful pictures and the pebbles is such a lovely unique idea!
    Just started following your blog and love it maybe you would like to check us out and follow back? xx

  5. This is too precious! I love this idea! Flower girls can be cute, but I'm all about making something your own :) Thanks for linking up today! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Joelle..and thank you for hosting Wedding Wednesday! We thought it was a little more meaningful than the traditional concept of the flower girl. :)

  6. That's such a great idea! I think that holds so much more meaning than tossing flowers.

    1. Thanks Kate, we thought so too. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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