Sunday, September 1, 2013

We Love College Football

 It's that time of year again...the college football time of year!  We are excited - as always - as most people in the south are during college football season.  

Maybe you're from another area, but college football is really big around this area because we really don't have that many pro football teams.  Of course, many Oklahomans are loyal fans to the Dallas Cowboys (which just makes me think eww), but almost ALL of us are loyal to college football.  The only exceptions are plainly people who don't like football at all.  

So really, if you live in Oklahoma and like football...then you love college football.

Yesterday, Tyler and I got the opportunity to go to the opening game of the season for our beloved Sooners!

Pre-game festivities are always fun - although there has been a lot of controversy about it this year!

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium - OU Sooners vs. Lousianna-Monroe (2013)

There's only ONE Oklahoma!

This little boy was sitting a few seats below us.  I really thought it was adorable to watch him make the #1!

And of course, the pre-game video...

Hubster and I at the game...

Our friends who came to the game and tailgating with us!

Sooners did okay yesterday, as we won against Louisiana-Monroe 34-0.  It was a fun game to watch, but definately making me look forward to their future practices!  (Is it bad that I think the Sooners really should have done better than 34 points against ULM?!  It actually has me a little worried...but new players, younger team who will get better...right?)

Either way - win, lose, wipe out, or just smoke a little bit - we love our Sooners!

Did you watch any college ball games yesterday?


  1. I was an OU fan back when I lived in OKLAHOMA! :) Now I am a Bama fan, though I still like OU!

    1. Sooner born, sooner bred! Glad you still at least like us! ;)

  2. I didn't know yall would be at the game yesterday!

    1. Yep - it was kind of last minute. :) Tyler's dad's company gives out tickets to employees, but we'll never know until probably Friday evening before the game if they'll be offered to their family - and we share turns with his parents and sister. We'd been planning to go tailgating before all the games regardless though!


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