Friday, August 30, 2013

Outdoor/Rustic Wedding Boutineers

We received a lot of comments on the pinecone petal boutineers that I created for the groom, groomsmen, mothers, and grandparents at our wedding.  I thought I'd show you all some detailed shots of them today - as they are one of the parts of our wedding that I am most pleased with the result.

These were thought up one night as I worked like a busy bee on wedding crafts.  I wanted to tie our neutral colors in, give the guys something that wasn't too frilly, and create something unique and special.

The result was the Pinecone Boutineer!
This was supposed to be the groom's pennant, but for some reason he was wearing one of the groomsmen's boutineers on our wedding day.

Too bad the bride isn't always there to supervise him and make sure he knows which boutineer is clearly his. ;)

This boutineer in the top photo was different from the others, as it has an extra layer of petals, ultimately being bigger and more full.  
I'm still not really sure what happened to the groom's boutineer, but below is the one he ended up wearing...
This is the boutineer the groom ended up wearing.  These were intended to be the groomsmen and father's boutineers, as they were still made from large pinecones - but had one less layer than the groom's boutineer. 
Here, you can see the handsome groom and groomsmen sporting the boutineers.  I liked how this project turned out because they are still cute, rustic, and went with our lodge decor - but most definitely manly.  Do guys really enjoy wearing delicate flowers that might break, or have to worry about a pin that usually comes out at some point during the wedding?

Mothers and Grandparents received a different boutineer.  The photo below shows my mom and mother-in-law wearing it - it is made from much smaller pinecones and has a pearl center.

**Pinecone Boutineers are made to sell here on my Etsy shop - I would love to make them for your wedding!**


  1. I can't believe you handmade those! They turned out very pretty! And yeah, I don't think most guys really enjoy wearing flowers...

  2. What a beautiful boutineer! So original and yet, simple. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The pine cone boutineers are such a great idea. Then you don't have to worry about them wilting through-out the day and looking droopy in pictures.

    1. Exactly! We still have them either around the house as decorations, and some people took them as souvenirs. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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