Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Month Anniversary!

Today, I've been married to Mr. Smith for an entire month!  Say what?  I can't believe how fast the time has flown!  We haven't gotten our professional pictures yet, but I'll give you all more of a sneak peak to our wedding with some pictures that friends took that I edited!

Yay for friends who take pictures.

And I'll take this moment to promote WeddingPartyApp.  It was so fun to get on and be able to download the pictures some of our friends took at the wedding!

Our wedding was on May 18, 2013 in Davis, Oklahoma at a lodge Tyler and I found and fell in love with.  We fell in love with it because it was outdoorsy, had "lakes" (they're really over sized ponds), canoes, docks, and a really huge lodge with lots of interior seating.
Walking down the isle...

The wedding party...my sister-in-law, my old roommate who I now call one of my best friends, then my college bestie.  My grandpa was our officiant.  Tyler's best man was a college friend since our freshman year, then next is my roomie's boyfriend who became one of our best friends for obvious reasons, and then Tyler's buddie from church.  

When I started planning the wedding, I didn't set out to have "wedding colors" besides neutrals and eclectic, antiquity type colors.  In effort to make my wedding look more springy than wintery, I added in a lot of yellows and some blues.  The natural backdrop a mixture of greens, blues and browns - which worked out nicely with our decorations.  I'd have to say that our wedding was more of a rustic and vintage style mixture than a set of colors.

Note how our door backdrop is leaning due to the wind.  ;)

My grandpa was our officiant.  He's officiated almost all of his children's and grandchildren's weddings!

The kiss...

Our first dance was to My Girl by Dave Barnes.  I had envisioned the first dance to be more of a couples dance, but as you can imagine, sometimes guests don't cooperate with you and you just end up doing what they think you should be doing in a traditional setting.  Oh well, a somewhat funny memory with some really awful pictures that came of it since I was making the "you'd better get out here with me" face to all my friends.  My guess is that even if I'd planned it out better, people still wouldn't have participated due to the nature of the traditional first dance.  

Check out my posts about our honeymoon in Santa Fe here, here, here, and here.
If you're interested in seeing another glimpse of our wedding, check out my friend Veronica's sweet blog post about our day at Passion Pink and Pearls!  She's been there for us since day one of our relationship, and was just one of many many people who told me I needed to date Tyler once upon a time when I had a stubborn heart!  She and our other friend Kayla were our house ladies, and did such a wonderful job with the guest book and photobooth!


  1. Wow, what beautiful photos! I also liked all the photo booth props in your other post, very cute :)

    I found your blog thru the Blog Hop, now following you via GFC :)

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! Some of our friends took some great pictures to capture our day! So glad to have you following now! :)


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