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Using Your Wedding Website for all it's Worth

Hello there my dear coffee readers!

Today's post is about how to use your Wedding Website for all its worth.

Now rest assured, this is another scheduled post - and I'm off on our mountain escape honeymoon enjoying sweet time with my new husband!

From what I've noticed, most wedding websites come with a few template choices.  From there, you don't get much room for individuality - unless you create your own website (which unless you are super talented, probably will take too much precious time away during your wedding planning process).

I'm going to share with you my wedding website experience.
First, I'll share the link so you can see it for yourself!

Now that you've had a look around, here are my personal tips for creating a better-than-average wedding website:

Change the titles and arrangement of the Wedding Website's original template.

    • In our case the ceremony and reception were in the same location.  The Knot's original template made two pages for this - one for the ceremony and another for the reception.  Instead, I renamed the reception page to something else and added all ceremony and reception information on the same page.
    • For another example, many of the Knot's template pages have three separate sections (sometimes less, depending on the original page's original purpose) to post information with a header.  I used the combined ceremony and reception page to give address locations, a map, and helpful information about the venue.  (I didn't want girls showing up in high heels and then rolling down the hill into the pond.  That = a wedding disaster).  
    • Use unique page names.  Chances are, most people have already visited several wedding websites.  Make yours stand out by changing the original names to something interesting, but to something that still tells guest what type of content is under that tab. One of my page names was "Technological Treats."
Basically, just make it fit your situation.  Use each page and section to give someone very valuable information about your wedding.  It is better to have fewer pages than the original template with more concise information.

Does the RSVP setting on the website work best for you?  If not, take it off.
    • I used the Knot's wedding website, which comes with it's own RSVP form.  With them, you need to write out each guest and party in their system (which runs super slow if you're using an old/worn out computer).  I didn't have time for that, as I already had all my guest's information in a google spreadsheet.
    • I gave our guests the option to give us some marital advice when they RSVPed.  It was so fun to read the comments people gave us every time I checked the RSVP spreadsheet!  We received advice from all kinds of people - old, young, married, unmarried.  When I created this section, I didn't really even realize how meaningful it would come to be.  Just remember to make sure this section is not required, as you would not want to deter a guest from RSVPing if they weren't sure what advice to give.  (Also note, this is another reason we chose to make our own RSVP form instead of using the Knot's.  We could have more freedom with how to do it this way.)
    • If your RSVP is solely online, I suggest leaving a phone number that guests can call or text you in your mailed invitation.  I've had several guests RSVP by texting my google voice number.  It takes the awkward out for many people, and gives them several ways to let you know.  (For example, your 80 year old grandma might not know how to RSVP online or by texting, but I'm sure she'll have no problem giving you a phone call.)
    • I'm actually surprised the Knot hasn't implemented this into their basic design somehow, but with all the smart phones out there that will be snapping away pictures on your wedding day, how could you not make a page to let guests know how they can share their photos with you?
    • I highly recommend Wedding Party App.  The interface looks awesome, it is free, you can download all your pictures at once, and you can also share the link with guests.
The gift table at our wedding shower - thanks to our friend knowing about our Wedding Party App!

Pictures, Pictures, PICTURES!
    • Be sure to include LOTS of pictures!  Not just of you and your guy.  Add in a few childhood pictures.  Your family members who remember you that way will love to see that, and your friends who've never seen your baby photos will have a good laugh.

    • Also, be sure to include pictures of your venue, and if you include a "Things to do" page, add pictures under the links.  That will make the things to do for your out of town guests seem much more desirable - they might just think about leaving the hotel and having a good time before (or after) they have an even better time at your wedding!
I mean, seriously.  Who is going to pass up feeding an ostrich straight out of their car at Arbuckle Wilderness??
Put the most important pages toward the top.
    • Since having guests RSVP was so important to me (our wedding was quite a distance for a lot of people, and we were serving food), I made sure our RSVP page was very close to the top.  I also added a link to the RSVP on most other important pages for emphasis.  
    • I put the Honeymoon page at the bottom of the list, since I figure it doesn't really matter if anyone knows where we are {might I emphasis RIGHT NOW} on our honeymoon.
Reference other Wedding Websites.
    • You can never go wrong by seeking advice from others.  One of my good friends got married before me, so I often referred to her wedding website to see how she worded something, what order her pages were in, or other random questions I would have while creating my own.
    • Just remember to keep your website unique and personal to YOU!  If you do refer to other websites, don't copy theirs completely.  There's nothing worse than a total copy cat.  (I know I'm totally preaching to the choir on this one!)

Best of luck on your future planning, and more importantly your upcoming marriage!

With love, coffee, and a hubby,
-The new Mrs. Saxon Smith!


  1. it's the season to be married...well soon coming! Thank you for sharing and partying at the Fluster Buster party! Have a fantastic week! Lizy Party co host

    1. Thanks Lizbeth! Yes it is...lots of weddings, and so glad mine is over!

  2. You offer some really great tips. I love that you added pictures of you both from your younger years. I hope that you'll stop by again and share at Fluster's Creative Muster Party.

    Fluster Buster

    1. Thanks Robin! I'm sure I'll be back, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. These are some great tips!! Thanks so much for posting all this. I wish the Wedding Party app existed when I got married. Pinning this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

    1. Thanks Betsy! Always enjoy the link up! And yes, Wedding Party App is great!


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