Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Wedding Update - Its been awhile...

Wednesday Weekly Wedding Update

Hey out there, Coffee Readers!

It has been awhile since I've done a wedding post.

That is partially because I haven't done much regarding my wedding recently (I still have 5 months, so we're in no rush...yet) and my best friend's wedding is in one month, so I've been doing some "things" for that.  ;)

In all my time away, a few things have still happened!

First of all, my parents and Tyler's parents finally got to meet over Thanksgiving break, so that's great!  Tyler's parents also were able to go check out our wedding venue last week.

I think it's good that everyone who is involved have an idea of what were up for...or against, so I may take my 'maids down sometime on a road trip.   Plus, we really need to time how long it will take me to walk down the driveway...uhh, I mean isle.

My roommate helped me get most of our ceremony music cut to the right parts.  It might still need a little work, but we also need to go time how far we'll be walking the 'isle' so we can know for sure.

Lastly, I met my mom this weekend to get a finals care package I requested (that *was* yummy because I've already eaten most of it...I'd better watch myself since I'm getting married.)  Luckily my dress hasn't been altered yet, so I have no...I mean a lot....of worries since it would take A LOT to not fit in it.  Anyway, the point was, I met her at the mall since she was out shopping with her friend and found some shoes that are nearly exactly what I was looking for.  And guess what the price was?  Only $9.99!

Original Source: found on Pinterest 
When I saw this photo on Pinterest, I was in love with these shoes.  Mine are not this color, and don't have the exact flower design at the top, but capture a similar essence as these shoes.  I want to try them on with my dress soon, I'm so excited!  I love it when my Pinterest dreams come true! haha

I'm so excited to be done with school so I can do some more wedding work, we have a big list of to-dos for Christmas break!

Until next time,
With study guides, papers, books, and too much coffee,

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  1. Wedding plans! YAY!! I got engaged a few weeks am just now beginning to plan! So excited!!! Nothing - absolutely nothing - is booked, so I am totally stress-free so far...but it's so cool to be able to read about what's happening in another bride's wedding planning! :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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