Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with 2012, in with 2013

I can only remember 4 times that I have actually done something on New Years Eve.  That means 18 out of 22 years of my life, I have done something boring.  This year is no different, as I worked a 12 hour shift today, got home and my parents are not home.  Tyler is visiting his family, so I will celebrate the new year with my cats.  I guess you really don't have to be single to be a crazy cat lady.

With that all said, ringing in the new year isn't something that I get extremely excited about...probably because I normally do nothing exciting.  I don't like new years resolutions, and I'm not a big party girl.  I don't see one particular day of the year as an incentive to find something about my lifestyle to change, and I also don't believe resolutions generally bring lasting results.  I do, however, find it a great time to look back.

2012 has been a rough year for my family with the death of my uncle, and a few serious medical conditions that arose with some other family members.  At the same time, though, many wonderful things have happened like my engagement with Tyler, two job opportunities that have given me insight within two very different fields, and the enjoyment of planning our wedding.  I also started this blog this year, which has been a lot of fun to work on and learn how to do.

While in some ways I welcome 2013, as it is our wedding year, I find a lot of uncertainty in it as well, thus I feel some reluctance in its coming.  But we can't stop it, so I suppose I'll take the uncertainty day by day.

1 & 2:  My last few days in China were the first few days of 2012.  Bittersweet!
3.  Finally back in 'Merica with my man Tyler.  Love him!
4.  Rode down the parking garage on a worn out computer chair.  Police questioned us, then laughed.
5.  Had another fun year being roomies with Sherry!
6.  I got ENGAGED!
7.  My best friend got engaged!
8.  Fun times with my girl.
9.  My friends Kevin and Veronica got married, and had a beautiful wedding!
10.  My friends Gavin and Stephanie got married, their wedding was also beautiful...not to mention the awesome iGo reunion their wedding caused!
11.  My friend from high school Ashley got married to the love of her life, they are both so sweet!
12.  My roomie's boyfriend lives in America now, so we get to go on double dates!
13.  Deana's bachelorette party was a fun time for girlfriends!  Girls just wanna have fun!
14.  Tyler and I shared our first Christmas actually being together on that day!

That's a quick recap of 2012, looking forward to a promising 2013!


  1. Just found your blog from the Southern Blog Hop! I'm also an OK blogger! Hope your 2013 is wonderful!


    Fierce & Fashionable

    1. Nice to meet you, I checked out your blog and am following now! It's always nice to meet other Oklahoma Bloggers! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Celebrating at home with pets sounds great! That's what my husband and I did. Congratulations on getting engaged. :)

    1. Robin, I agree, pets are lots of fun. My cats are getting old, so of course they slept, but it was nice to be home for the holidays to pet them. Thank you, very much enjoying being engaged! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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