Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wedding Update

Wednesday Weekly Wedding Update

This past week of wedding planning has been especially fun!

Some tidbits of what I did:
  • On Friday night I had the blessing of doing some wedding work with my bestie Deana! (She has a blog too!)  We worked on some of her favors, had much needed girl time, and had fun talking about and choosing wedding songs!                          
My best friend Deana, who is also getting married!  She will be my Matron of honor!
  • I'm using old Cains coffee cans for part of my centerpieces, but needed something to fill them with.  To buy the amount of floral foam it would take to fill all my cans would cost over $20, so I didn't want to continue with that option.  Deana provided me with some old Styrofoam  which worked great to fill the cans without high expense!  
I may, or may not, have made Deana's apartment this messy.  Except for I used whole styrofoam, not peanuts.  The small static-like pieces were everywhere.
  • I learned this week that microwaving a glass candle holder to melt the excess candle wax to reuse does not work, because the glass explodes in the microwave.  This learning experience might just be as embarrassing as learning my freshman year that microwaving caramel in a wax Dixie Cup leads to the dorm fire alarms going off.  
  • I learned that the expensive bag of 50 glue sticks from walmart that I bought and my old handy dandy glue gun are not friends with each other, even though they are supposedly the appropriate size for each other.  
  • I've learned that the flatware sold in stores is just not nearly as lovely as the vintage silverware I use now, or any vintage silverware for that matter.  If I had more than 4 per piece, I would just stick with what I have.
  • I have created a playlist for our reception songs, and also began timing which parts of our songs we'll use during the ceremony.  The next step will be to cut and glad my roomie can help me do that part!


  1. Hi Saxon! I'm a new follower from the GFC hop! Congrats on your wedding! I love how you're doing it on a budget. That's how I did mine, too, and it turned out lovely!!

    I didn't realize there was a long list of things that couldn't go into a microwave either until I was about 25. They really should tell you these things when you buy the microwave...

    1. Hi Sarah Kate, nice to 'meet' you! Yes, we are doing the wedding on a budget, I'm really excited about it! I think budget weddings look just as nice or nicer than ones who've used thousands upon thousands, and they just look more cozy.

      Haha, yes, there should be a list of microwave 'no nos' given to all freshman as they take their first steps to adulthood. haha I knew if glass got really hot it could explode, I guess I just didn't expect it to get that hot in the microwave that quickly. D:

  2. Hah sounds like you're having fun, even if you are making a mess! :)
    Dropping by from the GFC blog hop. :)


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