Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Kunming Experience: Part II

While I studied in Kunming, I missed a lot of American holidays.  I studied in the Fall semester, but in China, the semester doesn't end until the beginning of January.  I missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in a few days I will miss my birthday.  Although not being around our families during those times was sad, I feel we made the best of it! 


  For Halloween, Sam and I improvised some random costumes out of what we had to be Disney characters.
Here's Aladdin (or maybe it was Abu) with a red peanut butter cap and a red T-Shirt only wearing the arms.

 And here's Pocahontas, with a turquoise shirt, braids, some feathers, and a red ribbon for an arm band.

We trick or treated each other at the door, and then took treats to our American classmates who lived down the road.  Yes, we went in our costumes.  Yes, the 门卫 (guards at the apartment complex entrances) gave us a very strange look!


For Thanksgiving, we bought a roast duck, and cooked Potato Salad, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, and Green Bean Casserole.  We invited our Korean classmate, Daesun, to join us!

I also took some pictures of our really cute Chinese Pumpkin that was for decoration.

 Pumpkin and Coffee are always a good mix.

This little bird is made in Yunnan.  It is a whistle, and if you fill it partially with water it sounds like a bird.


We didn't see too many Christmas decorations for sale, so we made most of them.  

Frosty was made from a paper towel tube and paint.

 Pinterest Inspired:

Pinterest Inspired:
Tutorial can be found here:  Bird Ornament

 Chairman Mao celebrating Christmas. haha

 She was going to be the tree topper, but she was too heavy. :/  I made it using calligraphy paper, tape and chopsticks.

Made on Calligraphy Paper.  Also Pinterest Inspired.

Christmas Dinner
For Christmas dinner, we cooked and had our Korean friend with his girlfriend over!  They are lots of fun!
We served basically the same dishes as Thanksgiving, only we attempted Green Bean Casserole and made a Cheese Ball with crackers.

Yunnan Zoo

And during the holiday season, we also took a trip to the Yunnan Provincial Zoo:
Beautiful Tiger Cubs Cuddling: 

 I was yelled at for petting this Zebra.  It was worth it.

 The llamas just walk around the zoo. (Edit: I've come to realize that I'm pretty sure these are actually alpacas.)  You can pet them.  And if you have food, they chase you. haha  "Carrrlll"

Here in Kunming, they sell these candied fruit sticks.  They are really tasty. 


  1. Oh wow I love this, I love how every culture has a different spin on things and your homemade snowman is awesome :)
    Just popping over from Travel Tuesday

    Laura x

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! Yes, Chinese Christmas was...interesting! Thanksgiving and Halloween were basically non-existent except for at the expat hangouts! haha

  2. I love this more than I can say in a simple comment. I just love all the home made touches.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I regret now that I left so many of the things I made in China. I guess you really do have to pick and choose what fits back into the suitcase!

  3. Love that you slapped a hat on Mao!! Awesome use of handy crafts, shame you had to leave them behind.

    1. Haha! That was my roommate's idea! We thought it was a little more than slightly ironic, but the hat makes him seem a lot more jolly. lol

      Yeah, a little bit sad. At least there are pictures to remember them. I left them in the community room reserved for study abroad students from my university, so hopefully someone else could use them for the following years.


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