Friday, January 6, 2012

The Kunming Experience: Final Week

This week concludes my study abroad experience in China.  I leave Kunming next Friday, putting me on a 35 hour traveling spree.  Then, I can eat steak, Mexican food, and not have to think about how to say something before I go to a restaurant! After I get over jet lag, I'll be hijacking my boyfriend from the rest of  society...forever.  No more of this:  :)  I can't wait to see him for the first time in five and a half months!  (I miss my parents...and kitties too, of course!)

...and hopefully I'll stealing my mom's sewing machine.  :P  All this Pinterest inspired creativity that cannot go anywhere because I have no supplies being abroad.  Oh, and I forgot to mention how I will take 3 hour hot showers multiple times daily to make up for all these cold showers here in Kunming.  I also hope to refrain from using a stove top for at least a month, to make up for 5 months with no oven.

Ok, so...enough dreaming of a week from now.  I do have big list of things to do this week.  First of all, celebrate my birthday for three days straight!  I'll be 22, and I'll get to eat Korean traditional birthday soup (seaweed soup), then on my actual birthday talk to my boyfriend all day, then the day after my birthday eat lunch with a friend!  I also need to buy some more souvenirs.  After that, I need to pack my existing suitcase, see how much stuff I still need to pack that doesn't fit, and go buy another suitcase.  I suppose all my stuff will be going home soiled since my washer decided to quit two weeks before I leave.  Then, of course, when your clothes have lost their shape to this extent because they hang dry instead of shrinking in the dryer, there's really no point in even taking them home. 

When the washer does this to your floor every time you use it.....there's no more using it.

  I'll have to be sure to eat the following before leaving:
Korean triangle kimchi snack things

Korean Topokki


Er Kuai (rice tortilla with a warm, sweet peanut sauce inside.)

Candied Fruit Skewer

I guess for the rest of the week besides that crazy list, I will continue to do silly things like this and color them with my crayons (which WILL be going in my carry on.)

So that's most of my bucket list for this week, then I'll be back to Oklahoma, taking classes, reading books, and the occasional road trip or craft project.  With Pinterest around, hopefully there will be more interesting things happening around my corner of the world! 

I'll end on this note: (maybe I'm hungry too?)

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