Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back in the United States now, and it is so nice!  There are many things I already miss about China, (and maybe I'll be missing that 10 lbs of lost weight that I'll be quickly regaining. )  The food has been great, I'm loving being able to easily obtain ingredients to make things I know how to cook, and having an oven, and hot water, and....well, you get the point.  I have very much loved spending hours and hours of time with my wonderful guy!  I'm excited to have new pictures!
Here's one of my favorites of us since I've been back!

One thing I did not expect upon my return to the US BUSY I am!  This is my senior year at the University of Oklahoma, I am taking my Capstone and several other classes.  I had so many hopes to have time to cook, sew, paint, I am just praying for the time to do some of these things!  Oh, and I forgot to mention, among all my Christmas presents, I got a sewing machine!!!!  (I don't have to steal my mom's now!)  And I also got a bunch of sewing supplies, an entire kit of threads, a sewing kit, etc, etc.  Did I mention I'm sort of spoiled?  I can't wait to make use of all these things, and hopefully have time to post some of those activities to this blog.
Until then, I'm out to figure out my Valentines plans....  :)

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