Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Blog for Photography

I realize I haven't really been active much on this blog for a couple of years. 

What used to be the time I used for crafting and creating blog posts has now been devoted to photography (and Netflix, if we're honest).

I began with mostly city scenes, nature, and landscapes, but a bit more than a year ago I began doing family portraits as well.

I thought I would let any of my past readers of Let's Drink Coffee, Darling know that I now have a new blog devoted to my portrait photography, but I have switched to wordpress.  

After having so much envy of desert photographers, I had to DIY a desert photo shoot for us when we went to Arizona.

If you would like to follow my new adventures in the craft of capturing memories, you can follow me at saxonsmithphotography.wordpress.com.  Maybe one day it will just be saxonsmithphotography.com....in case I forget to fix this post when I decide to be better than a bottom feeder. 

I saw the grand canyon for the first time this year!  Amazing, and I made sure that we would have photos with it too!

I'm not sure if I'll ever come back to Let's Drink Coffee, Darling (halfway surprised I could still log in). 

I still live in an apartment, and honestly I don't have any more space for craft projects....so maybe in the future if I do I will post them!

Hope to see many of you again!

Also, if you are still interested in the daily life aspect of my life, my Instagram is a great place to keep up with that!


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