Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Outdoor Storage Table

On our tiny apartment front porch, we just have room for a couple lawn chairs, some flower pots, and room for our feet to go out in front of us.  There's really no room for tables (although some people put them out) or other sophisticated forms of sitting.  And that's alright with us.

The problem was that when we wanted to go sit in our two lawn chairs side by side, there was no good place to set drinks or other items we brought out with us.  This was getting slighly annoying, as I'd either have to hold it, or put my cup on the ground with the bugs and toads.  A toad in your coffee doesn't exactly sound appealing. (Maybe I should tell the story about how we found a toad hopping through our house one morning...)

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled on a link party feature that had the perfect solution to our problem at Dukes and Duchesses.  She had taken a large terra cotta pot, and put the matching base on top of the pot to make a table.  It was such a great idea, and was the perfect size to sit between our lawn chairs.

Think I should paint the rim of the pot too, or just the saucer?

The next week, I set out to purchase our pot and saucer.  Unfortunately, Wal-Mart was out of saucers, so I went to Lowe's.  They were considerably more expensive there...and I probably could have found an actual table for this price, but heck I was already at Lowe's.  I bought the 12 inch pot and saucer, and headed home to decorate it.

I used wood stain to make the pot a little darker, and used gold and off white spray paint on the rim.  I still haven't decided if I want to paint the rim of the pot or if I want to leave it with the saucer.

I loved how this project was so simple to make, but works out wonderfully!


  1. You did a great job! It's really one of my favorite DIY projects ... so easy to make!

  2. So very Clever!!! Oh yes, I am doing this:))


    @ My Turn for us

    1. I know, it is so easy and useful! Hope to see how yours turns out!

  3. Such a great idea! I love it and might try this for our little garden too

  4. Love this idea! I am a new follwer from the monday mingling blog hop! & i am just loving your blog. I cant stop looking at all your posts! Your wedding was beautiful btw! What area of Oklahoma do you live? I lived in OK for about 3 years. Loved it!

    1. Thanks Ashley, hope to keep seeing you around! I'm basically from central OK, high school in Tecumseh, college in Norman, and now in OKC. Love meeting others who've been in Oklahoma!

    2. I was maybe less than 3 hours from OKC i think. I lived in a TINY town [mccurtain], it was between Mcalester & Poteau. lol. I miss OK!!! I am back in GA now

    3. Ah, okay. My dad's side of the family is from that area of Oklahoma - mostly in Atoka, but some in Wilburton. Pretty close to where you were! Pretty over there!

    4. Oh that is cool! I know where all that is! Yes it is, I loved living in the country!


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