Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

 I guess it has been a crazy week, because my Friday Letters are ginormous!  Apologies in advance! :)

Silly faces!

Dear Friday, I'm always glad to see you!  I'm excited about the party to celebrate our friends plans to get married tomorrow afternoon...and I'm excited that my hubs will be home to spend time with yours truly.  Why are weekends so short, though?

Dear kitchen sink, why did you have to go crazy all the sudden earlier this week even though we've been using you for 6 months?  I don't appreciate your clogging.  I'm thinking that it had nothing to do with the potato peels I put through the garbage disposal - and EVERYTHING to do with the plastic straws that started coming up out of the drain once you clogged.  Funny thing, we've never used plastic straws.

Dear former tenants, why did you put plastic straws down the sink?  Did you have devil children who put them down there for fun when you weren't watching?  Were you just lazy?  Did you think that plastic was biodegradable?  Well, thanks to your straws, I was on my last straw earlier this week.   But really, who puts plastic straws down a sink??

Dear Breaking Bad, you are kind of addicting, and I think the amount of episodes our netflix tv party group has watched this week is slightly ridiculous.  But really fun.  Right now my favorite aspects of this show are the good actors, Walt's growls when things aren't going right, and the irony that Jesse seems to place the most value in morals than the other characters.  (Side note: we are currently in the middle of season 4, so NO SPOILERS please!)  Thanks for understanding!

Dear Class about Chinese Internet, thanks for introducing me to the All Look Same Exam Room.  I have wasted quite a bit of time on here - and it turns out that I wasn't as good at telling the difference between the East Asians as I thought I was.  (I am an Asian Studies major, so I consider it a reasonable goal to be able to tell the difference between the East Asians and their cultures). Sadly, I did pretty poorly on several of the quizzes.  In my defense, I've never actually been to Japan or Korea, and I got most of the China ones right.  However, I feel especially like your faces test did not portray the typical Asians I have known from each country, which made it harder to get the right answer.  I've really not met many Asian females with short hair, so the fact that most of your models had short, dyed, or permed hair threw me off.  Seriously, I've accurately guessed which country many people I've met are from and they're always so surprised when I don't just assume they are Chinese - and I'm usually right.  So I think your test is wrong and you should fix it with better stereotypes.  (Just kidding, stereotypes are bad...but sometimes true.  Funny how that works.)

Dear Autocorrect....really?  Shouldn't you recognize "burrr?"  And why you feel the need to change burrr into burger makes me wonder if McDonalds paid you to change my words to send subliminal messages.

Dear USPS, thanks for losing that $65 book that I sent over 3 weeks ago.  Now the purchaser is pissed (which will probably lead to a bad Amazon statistic), and I'm out a $65 book right before Christmas.  You suck.

Dear life, why did you decide to blow up yesterday?  Its like everything is suddenly happening at once - not all things are bad things...just spread this stuff out a little, mmkay?

On the Breaking Bad note...

Since we're almost to the final season, it is time to start deciding what else TV Group (basically my husband, myself, and our friend on every Thursday each week) should watch next.  We've already watched LOST and my guess is we'll finish Breaking Bad in a couple of weeks.  We loved the plot and characters in LOST, but the acting in Breaking Bad is better.  Any suggestions for our next series?  Preferably something epic and not girly - TV Group consists of two dudes and a not so girly girl.  Oh, and the series needs to be either finished or almost finished.  Ain't nobody got time to wait for the next season to come out.

Also, I should really come up with a name that is more epic sounding that "TV Group."  That sounds lame.  I'm taking suggestions for that one as well.

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