Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heading over to BlogLovin'

I suppose I was clueless about this Google Reader/Google Friend Connect until the other day I signed on and saw nearly every person I follow with new posts saying how they're switching to BlogLovin'.  I still stand somewhat clueless about what happened, why it is happening, and what the changes are because I've been super busy recently.  Either way, I've now got a BlogLovin' button, account and will start following that way.  You can feel free to start following me with BlogLovin'.

Besides that little matter of business - Happy Spring Break, if you get one!

As for me, I've been down in the dumps due to my allergies.  Sure hope our strange Oklahoma weather can stop going back and forth between cold and hot.  If it will stay warm and not windy, that would be just perfect.

Tomorrow it is back to work like normal - but then I'll have a 5 day "weekend" after that.  Sure ready for it!  Maybe I'll even get on and write a 'real' blog post.

Oh, and one more thing is that as of TOMORROW, there are only two months left until my wedding!  Can't wait (yet I still have a lot to do before that day).


  1. guess google can do whatever they want whenever they want!
    2 more months...the countdown is on!

  2. Annmarie, I guess you're right! And yes, the countdown IS on!


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