Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To All My Single Ladies - Valentine's Day

It is the week of love for some, single's awareness day for others.  

While I'm no longer single, I can certainly remember those days when I was.  There were the days that it seemed like I would just stay single the rest of my life, the idea that anyone was open to being the latest crush, girl nights stalking guys on facebook to see if they should be a crush, etc.  Some of this was all fun, but then the times wondering why no guy liked me, or wondering why THAT guy actually did like me, or wondering how long I'd have to be single was never fun.

I feel like for a lot of people, single's awareness day just kind of sucks.  It makes you think all those thoughts while the rest of your dating or married friends are out celebrating in some mushy manner that makes you just want to puke.

But as I found out my sophomore year, as long as you can find some other singles to hang out with, it doesn't have to be such a dreaded day!  Since I was in high school and through college until I started dating Tyler, Valentine's day was either a time for a girl night consisting of Pride and Prejudice type movies and lots of chocolate or a fun outing.  Those times with friends and girl friends were really some of the best times for me, and I will especially never forget the most fun Valentines in college my sophomore year.  While my friends who were dating went to the movies and dinner with their guys (sorry ladies, movies are boring), I went with five single friends and had a blast.

This is a shout out to single girls (or guys) surfing the net because you're bored on V-Day...get out and do something fun with your other single friends!  Seriously, this is the best excuse to go on a fun group activity and get all dressed up for no reason.  Plus, you might actually be on your first valentine with your future hubby....and not know it. ;)

For starters, some friends still lived in the dorms, so I was there hanging out on this particular night when someone brought up the idea of all of us getting dressed up and going out for dinner together - all dutch.
We called and texted as many single friends as we could and off to the mall we went...where we thought we would eat at the mexican restaurant.  It was closed, as was everything else (this particular Valentine's Day was on Sunday, so everything closed early).

We decided to take some fun pictures before we left the mall!  Some pretty sharp looking guys...especially the one in the middle trying to impress the girls by holding their coats!  ;-)

Who wouldn't try to stand in the weirdest positions like the Forever 21 manechins??

Since El Chico was closed, we headed to the college student's restaurant by default...IHOP.  After we had some pancakes, the night was still young.  So the next default for the not-so-partyer type college students was to go do random things at Walmart...

Well, how funny that we actually have a couple's picture from our first Valentine together.  Tyler liked me (his like was unrequited at the time...hence my awkward distance), so I'm going to say he staged this photo since I usually avoided anything I thought would lead him on....like taking pictures and making sure I sat in the middle of friends so he couldn't sit next to me.  That was so mean and I was terrified I guess.

And these two country girls really had to go for the camo!

So with all that I say, go at it, singles! :)  Have some fun this week.


  1. love it- such fun pics. good guy holding all the coats and purses! :)

    1. Thanks Kendra! He is pretty sweet like that. If I'm really really nice he will still hold my stuff! haha

  2. Hey now, Veronica and I had a fun double-date that year too. The movie Valentine's Day wasn't boring. :)

    1. Hahaha, to each her own. I could really be okay without stepping into another movie theater in my life though, so thats probably why I think that date doesn't sound too fun. :)

  3. :) I had to come back and read this post. My single Valentine's Days were often spent buying roses for fellow single girlfriends...sending fake secret admirer letters...sending lots of real Valentine's cards...and sometimes going out to do fun stuff, too. I have lot of good Valentine's memories!


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