Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Love Story

Happy Independence Day, Coffee Readers!

flag flying over the beautiful University of Oklahoma
United States Flag flying over the beautiful University of Oklahoma.

  For the past three years, I have spent the Fourth of July alone...for various reasons.  The year before that, I was in the motherland, which prevented too much celebration as the Welsh do not necessarily care one way or the other about America's independence.

  Well, since we all know what kind of awful person I am, I'm going to tell you about my first experience with Tyler regarding the Fourth of July  You've heard all the mean stories before.  Here's a love story treat in honor of Independence Day!

  The year after that, before Tyler and I were dating but liked each other, I asked him if he wanted to drive around and watch fireworks.  TURNED DOWN.  Oh, it was bitter.  I drove all the way to Norman as to hang out with my college friends in town (ie Tyler) and he turned me down to write a paper.

  He says he liked me.  I'm not so sure.

  That was a lame move.

  Lets talk about encouraging flirtatious actions.

  Buuuttt...through all the pain from that first Independence night of our friendship, we managed to patch things up and get together by that fall.

  I really just like to be mean to Tyler.

  Because its kind of funny when he reads it.


  Well, as much as I enjoy telling mean stories about Tyler, I must say, he is making up for it this year.  I have to work Midnight until 8:00 am both today, the Fourth, and tomorrow, so I was not really able to go anywhere to celebrate.

  However, my Coffee Darling is soooo sweet and decided to make up for that first Fourth of July by driving 51.1 miles just to visit me during my time between working today.  We hope to go buy a few fireworks and find some place out of town (when you're the chief of police's daughter, you can't just go breakin' all the rules and pop them in town like everyone else).  We'll also probably attend the Pauls Valley fireworks show tonight.

  See Tyler, I say nice things about you allll the time!  :)  And, can't you tell just how sweet he is from that handsome face?

  So here's to your steak, your burger, your blueberry, strawberry & whipped cream cake...have fun and be safe!  If you drink, DO NOT drive!  It makes the lives of everyone, including you, much just be smart and don't!  Then, I won't have to get that 911 call about YOU!

Look forward to pictures of our festivities in the near future!


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