Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to Norman

How busy I've been recently!

I am now moving back to Norman for the rest of the summer for a position that will have a lot to do with my field of study!  I'm pretty excited about both...the fact I'll be in Norman, and the excitement of my new job.  I'm also REALLY excited that I won't have to work nights and weekends...do you realize the excitement?!  I will soon get to see my fiancĂ© on weekends without having to deprive myself of sleep! (Now, that's why I'm super excited!)

But..there are lots of things to love about Norman in the summer.
    Its the University of Oklahoma...so DUH!
    Beautiful fountains all over campus that make peaceful water sounds so that you can sit by them as long as you want!
    Free events, food, etc on campus.
    You aren't the ONLY one in Walmart at 4 in the morning.
    People here generally speak English, not 'kuntry.'
    My bed (if I ever get over not being able to sleep at night...)
    Things to keep myself occupied with when I can't sleep at night.
    Access to computers with all the awesome expensive programs that I'm going to use to design my invitations!
    The best romantic after dark campus walks with my fiance.  The University at night is 100% more beautiful at night than it is during the day.
    Swimming pools all around the city.

I really like riding the sheep.  I have several pictures doing this on the beautiful University of Oklahoma. :)
So, really...I have nothing to say to you but that,
"Please excuse my busyness for a bit." 
"I'm so glad to be back in Norman!"

Please trust that I will do something at least semi-interesting soon!

Maybe the problem is lack of coffee?

I believe I'll make some coffee soon. :)

Good day, all!

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